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We provide a unique, fresh, multi-disciplinary team based approach to the development and management of large scale, complex master planned residential community projects.

Our Team Leader is Stephen Head.

Stephen founded Links Living Ltd (‘Links’), the predecessor of Sanctuary Living. He was the Project Director of the multi award winning, Sanctuary Lakes Resort, from the start. He was also the Project Director of the equally successful, multi award winning, Sandhurst Club, again from inception. More recently Stephen managed the development of the Geelong Golf Club Estate. All of these projects are now complete. Stephen is now managing the Whitsunday Green project. Stephen is a qualified Town Planner with over 40 years planning and project management experience, and is also a Director of Sanctuary Living.


We manage the entire process required to transform large, often degraded, brown and green field land into highly desirable, self-sustaining, master planned residential communities.

At the core of our business, we supply professional development management services for these types of projects generally from inception to completion. Beyond that, we provide a range of additional management and support services ensuring that all facets from the planning phase through to project delivery are handled in an optimal fashion.

The Sanctuary Living team is highly skilled, very experienced and committed to delivering iconic communities in choice locations throughout Australia.

We are committed to ensuring that our A-team remains actively involved and never distant from the day to day decision making in relation to any project. For this reason, we strictly limit the number of new projects we manage at any one time.

We know that the the initial project master planning and commercial feasibility process is the most critical part of any project. This is where most value is either added (or lost!). This is where our intellectual property is most valuable, because we have a much deeper understanding about what is required to create and deliver successful communities than most of our competitors.

One of our distinct points of difference is the ‘Club Living’ approach we adopt on most projects. This was pioneered by us many years ago. In essence it is a structure where we compel homeowners to join a Club or Owners Corporation (‘Club’) that we create at each project. The Club is set up to own and operate a range of community owned facilities and deliver lifestyle community services in perpetuity. Our Club Members enjoy the facilities and services and are compelled to make an annual financial contribution for the wellbeing of the Club. This regular financial commitment essentially binds the community together and fosters a sense of common ownership. It also ensures that the common areas and facilities are well maintained and member services continue being delivered well after the development phase has concluded.

We also assist in structuring investor syndicates sourced and supported via our shareholders, strategic partners and close associates.